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Hands off Tamworth's Schools (HOTS) is a campaign group set up in 2008 by parents for parents, students and concerned residents who were opposed to Staffordshire County Council's plans to change Tamworth's secondary school structure under the Building Schools For the Future (BSF) proposals that they submitted to the then Labour government.

While we welcomed the proposed investment of £100m in our children's schools through the BSF initiative, we were opposed to Council plans to hand over its responsibility for Woodhouse School and our entire 6th form provision to a private sponsor (Landau Forte) though the 'academies' programme.

Unfortunately, we were unable to convince the County Council to revise it's plans - even though we managed to talk directly with the Schools minister Vernon Coaker MP - and the plans went ahead.

Since the change of government in May 2010, we have become more concerned with the actions of the County Council as they have sought to re-engineer their plans for Tamworth' schools in the wake of the collapse of the BSF funding.

In December 2010, we were astonished to hear of their plans to hand over Queen Elizabeth's Mercian School (QEMS) to Landau Forte - without any prior warning or consultation - and to pass control of the remaining three secondary schools - Belgrave, Rawlett & Wilnecote - to yet another academy sponsor E-ACT.

If this plan goes ahead, there will be NO locally accountable secondary school in Tamworth. This an outrageous state of affairs.

We welcome you to join us and fight for your rights to have a say in your childrens' education.

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